5 Figure Day Review – What’s The Big Deal?

Hello and welcome! In my 5 Figure Day review, I hope to give you a general understanding of the program based on my experience in internet marketing. It goes without saying that you’re here because you’re interested in a great way to earn steady income right from your home. That’s the dream of countless people these days, and a goal that drives my own daily endeavors! It’s always for the best to look into any programs that claim to lead the way however, so it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to stop by.

Before I go on, I wanted to let you know that I found a newbie who seems to have tried the system. This is very relevant to you as I am a full time IMer and what might apply to me might not be suitable for you. But have a look at the product from a newbie’s perspective should be of help for sure:

5FD can be tried for a measly $1 and I still recommend you make your own opinion since the barrier of entry is so low.

My goal in providing a this review is not to sell you on it or even paint a negative view. I hope to be as objective as possible. Let’s move on and look over the program step by step.

1 – How Does It Work?

Of course, 5 Figure Day is a “how to make money online” program. Written by Bryan Winters, it claims to guide you towards significant residual and passive income via internet marketing. There are some simple steps laid out and several training videos to poor over. When all of the material is followed, you are meant to walk away from the program with a rich understanding of exactly where to get started and what practices to implement in generating profit from your home.

If you want a peek at the material provided, here are some of the topics covered by the text and training videos in the program:

* Earn $50,000 A Year For 7 Days Work
* 5 Figure Day Case Studies
* Autopilot List Management
* Quickly Receive Over 800 Leads
* The 5 Figure Day Ultimate Proof

It goes on and on. The videos tend to last from ten to fifteen minutes and are put together “webinar” style. A lot of ground is covered, but all with the core point of generating money online through marketing and advertising. The cost of the program is largely tied into the production of this material.

2 – The Pros.

There are a few stand-out positives with 5 Figure Day. For starters, you can receive a trial of the entire program for only a dollar. This projects confidence about the product and is always a good sign.

The program is also realistic. Winters makes no bones about the fact that earning income like this is actually a lot of work. Many programs play up the “no effort” angle, which is rarely true (if ever.) You are told up front that you’re likely going to have to invest to ever see significant returns.

Finally, the text and videos are all put together with the layman in mind. If you’re new to this world, it will be of no detriment to you. Anyone can pick this up regardless of their experience.

3 – The Cons.

Honestly, the cost of the program is a lot to swallow. If you’re looking for ways to make money, it stands to reason that you likely don’t have a lot of it. What you’ll learn is that you have to spend money to make it however, so it may still be worth it to you. Still, the $47 up-front fee and additional $97 each month will be hard for many to swallow. Some of the information is also easy enough to find elsewhere online, but it does take a whole lot of digging.

4 – Verdict

Though expensive, 5 Figure Day has a lot of material that is well put together. Some of the information might be a lot to take in, but it’s not hard to keep up with overall. If you’re able to cough up the money, the training here looks like it could be of use in your goal to earn money online.

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2015 Updated Version of 5 Figure Day in The Making…

5 FD has been one of the most successful memberships sites started back in 2012 to help people get out of the rat race. It used to teach people how to build a list and make money off of it on a consistent basis.

The approach was different and a lot of resources were made available for members to make it easier for them to succeed. That’s why people used to stick for a long time even at $97/month.

The new version revamped for 2015 promises a lot. But how truthful are the claims so far?

Look out for my review which will help you decide whether to hop on board or stick to what you are already doing.